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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Looks and a New Pair of Shoes Isn't All Your Family Gave You

You know, life is funny. For some of us, there may have been multiple family members with a rough health history, a history that in theory should have been scratching at every new generation's door, but instead, remained dormant. Then there are those who've had family members with minimal health issues, just the occasional complications and somehow the new generations are a walking target for everything in the book. The big bullet point to catch from this is that your family gives you the information you need in order to determine who you are.

Today, I want to share with you a quick introduction as to how you may go about locating your family's history and why this is important. There's no excuse to not build a history of your parents and their parents. It's neither hard or terribly time consuming. In fact, your life may one day depend on their history. Don't take needless risks on losing the wonderful privilege of living. Go to ReporterNews.com and read all about it!

If you need a little motivation on getting started, how about you collect this history while making a family tree? Make it a family-time project. Read our earlier post What's Your Story?

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