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Monday, October 3, 2011

Give a Gift That Makes a Difference

Those of us who are parents want nothing more than to raise happy, healthy and productive members of society that get out there and make a difference. Who couldn't want that? A big part of achieving said goal ultimately comes down to the morals, work ethics and habits you instill in them as they continue to grow and experience. What if one of those habits was self-analysis; a habit that may greatly effect morals and work-ethic?

We often consider age-appropriate tools and toys as great gifts for our children/grandchildren because of the joyful and often educational nature said toys may create. What I think we greatly ignore though are the tools that will allow them to continue to grow after an emergency. We highly suppress the potential darkness and dangers that may consume our children for our own selfish reasons - those thoughts are difficult to face. The truth is, as kids grow, accidents happen; the body may become ill. Bad things can and do happen. Think about all the times that your children will be out of your care - sports, outings, clubs, trips; a myriad of other reasons your children may be out of your watch and even more - out of your home-town. What if something goes wrong and you can't be reached - because no one knows a name or a number? Allergies, medications - what if your child's mental status decreases and is unable to tell anyone what's wrong - and they need their medication?

The point is, your children depend on you to make so many decisions and to meet so many of their needs, even when you are not physically with them. Luckily, you do have the ability to monitor your children away from home and it comes down to how you teach them to respond to the inevitable and the tools you give them to carry.  So, what if you decide to change one gift you get them; instead of that new toy, you buy them The Smart Med Card.  What a perfect gift for the new parent, right? You sit with them and explain to them how to monitor their health and what the card will tell the doctors about them. You teach them how to keep it with them safely; how to never share it with anyone but medical care providers. If you're the parent - use this card when you need to. Don't let it get out of date. Think of how easy continued maintenance is over starting fresh with a large medical file later in life. If you are not the parent, then explain to the receiving family the benefits and the power of the card. With all the money that gets spent on toys and clothes that will fade with time - what if you get them one item that can last a lifetime and very well be the only item ever purchased for them that gives them a second chance at a lifetime. Think about how your money is spent on your family. Perhaps it's time we use that money a little more wisely?

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