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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Natural Solution for a Natural Disaster

Crazy weather we've been having lateley, eh? Don't worry, I'm not trying to make small talk (actually, I'm incapable of small talk - you ask for my 2 cents and I will whip a roll of quarters at your head!), but rather, I'm alluding to the fact that this crazy weather is happening where crazy weather usually isn't. So, if you have the attitude that family-readiness for disaster is a lower priority based in your geographic location; how sure are you now that your family won't get caught in the crossfire someday soon? In terms of disaster-preperation, let me show you how The Smart Med Card's ueber-versitility can help you in terms of preparing your family for the unforseen.

Start With the Basics
Like I say again and again (and will continue to say) - it doesn't matter your age, sex, location or past health - we are complex machines that wear down after time and our ability to quickly recover degrades. You are not built with perfect health, nor are you immune from accidents or emergencies. It behooves you to take the responsibility of maintaining a record of your personal health just in case. Just think of this - if you've seen the news during a natural disaster - how many of the hospitals were up and running 100%, or, how many were overfilled and required patient transfers to new locations? It seems that the likelihood of receiving adequate care by using your hospital records are much lower - no access to allergies, conditions or emergency contacts. Is risking your chance of survival really worth (to you and your family) it via the mentality that this card is an unnecessary expense and waste of time?

Look in Your Wallet
How many of you carry your insurance cards (including vehicle, medical, dental...etc), social security cards, licenses, phone-numbers...etc? Now, place yourself in a flood situation. These items, once saturated, are much more prone to wear, tear and disintegration. These items are often hard to replace and could take a great deal of time to do so. What if you had these items scanned and placed on your Smart Med Card? Not only can you have your health and related insurances readily available to Doctors by filling in the forms on the Smart Med Card, but you will also have scanned back-up copies both online and on your card that can be printed and distributed to those who may need them. These backups are much more useful than nothing in the event you need them (especially your drivers license and social security card).

Real World Trip!
Let's place you out in the middle of a town that has had the misfortune of being hit by a tornado. Thinking ahead, you placed important documentation on a USB drive that you had set aside for such a time. You carry it in your pocket just incase. Well, in the event of said tornado you were injured and were unable to let anyone know that you are carrying a USB device that contains important information.

A USB device that is not tailered to Medical Personell will have a high-chance of being ignored.

You must realize that The Smart Med Card is designed to be an immediate alert to EMTs and related and once located will be acknowledged. Any other means of alert other than similar ID concepts located on the body will be ignored and you will be treated as necessary without regards to any pertinent medical information. Remember, being treated without knowledge of your health conditions and history happens to be the 8th leading cause of death here in the States. That is incredibly significant and should not be disregarded.

A Smart Backup
One more favorable consideration for the Smart Med Card - your information that gets put on your card can also be uploaded to their HIPPA complient and SSL-secured website. Now, in the event your card is destroyed you still have access to the information that was on your card. What better backup system could you ask for?

Be Watchful and Respectful
Everyone says how much they care for their safety and well-being; the same being said for their loved-ones. So, how about we start practicing what we preach. This device has a great track-record for living up to its purpose - why not take the initiative to really show how much you value the gift of life; give you and your loved ones the option of having a second chance.  

visit http://www.thesmartmedcard.com for further information.

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